New Mexico elevator and escalator codes

We couldn't find any New Mexico NM state elevator safety legislation at this time. It appears that the elevator safety and permitting requirements are dictated by counties and municipalities. Note: Just because we couldn't find any legislation, doesn't guarantee there is none. Always check with your local authorities before proceeding. In the meantime, there are several good resources available to you should you own/operate an elevator in New Mexico. The American Society of Engineers has created standards addressing elevator operation, testing, and maintenance: ASME A17.3 and ASME A17.1. These standards are excellent resources for commercial elevator owners, please see our elevator resource section for additional information regarding elevator safety.

Elevator inspection resources

Here are links to New Mexico's various elevator division requirements, New Mexico elevator forms, New Mexico elevator FAQs and New Mexico elevator resources.

Details: This link will take you to New Mexico's elevator section website. You can get information related to New Mexico's elevator program, including news and policy changes.

Details: Learn about the elevator inspection requirements for New Mexico. Research New Mexico elevator permit periodicities and common violations.

Details: Access common New Mexico elevator application, inspection, and payment forms online.

Details: Need assistance in setting up a New Mexico elevator inspection, or need help understanding your responsibilities? You can find help here.

Details: These are frequently asked questions concerning the New Mexico elevator inspection program, viewing them will help you better understand the compliance process and become familiar with the terminology.

Details: This link will take you to New Mexico elevator resources and elevator links that will help you operate, repair, and use your elevators to their full potential. We have selected several online elevator resources that we feel are critical to helping you understand how your elevators work, follow the elevator codes that govern them, and pass the elevator operator tests.

New Mexico elevator inspection guide

Preparing for an inspection can ensure the process is done quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime or unforeseen issues.

Details: Here is a guide on what to expect during an elevator or escalator inspection and how to prepare for it. If you have any additional questions, please contact New Mexico's elevator inspection office.